Somewhere On The Road…..

...... hmm, well, yep, I have to have been born somewhere, I guess, sometime, I sure don’t remember it, I haven’t landed secretly from some other planet, I wasn’t born with the accent I have, but it would probably give it away, but don’t hold that against me, I won’t, and at some point I came from somewhere, and at another point, I’m probably going somewhere, wherever that somewhere is, and there’s probably lots of things happening in my world and in this world, that, just like everyone else, I might like or dislike or care about or not care about, and I probably went to school somewhere, sometime, and those songs I write, sure can tell a story or three, and I have obviously worked hard on m’ skills and I clearly like doing what I do, a kind of travelling exhibitor of landscape and portrait paintings, as I sing and write ‘em from the heart on m’ sleeve, there’s no radio or magazine or TV interviews yet, the voice is still holding up, I travel constantly, what do I want you to know about me, well not much really, I really just keep m’self to m’self, don’t go much for small talk, I certainly don’t see m’self as a public figure, media take note, except for when I play ‘live’ or release  some new music, ‘n’ then the critics can occupy themselves if they wish, anything outside of that I regard m’self as just another anonymous, member of the public, private person/citizen, just another person on the bus or the train, someone in that restaurant or cafe, someone in another car on the highway, I don’t have twitter or myspace or instagram, I’m really not THAT interesting, but I do have a website, I listen to the radio, I  watch TV, I read the news, just your completely ordinary, average, normal human being really, if you can figure me out, then good for you, and maybe someday we’ll meet up out there, somewhere on the road, and we can have a good chat and a good laugh...

Noel McClumpha

London, England, 2016

PUBLIC NOTICE : Noel McClumpha has no connection whatsoever with GUILLOTINE or INSANE OPPRESSION or such like music. No permission has ever been sought or authorised for his name or music to be used by or associated with these people.